Presenting Dr Samuel Berkowitz

I have over 40 years of clinical experience, and advanced/specialized training. I also have my own personal experience; having been married and divorced (I know both sides very well). I am blessed, overjoyed, and overwhelmed with three extraordinary children and six grandchildren. All of this I am still adjusting to, and at times believe that this is somewhat undeserved.


After years of practice and continuous training, I believe therapy can be somewhat summarized by an Eastern Saying: "There can be no outer peace, without inner peace." I believe that this can be accomplished through taking responsibility, being mindfully true to oneself, focusing on being the "best person I can be to all humans," and committing oneself to attaining this seemingly unreachable goal every day in every interaction.


Therapy is not like a college degree – once earned, you have it for life. I believe it's more like a batting average, which can be raised or lowered – yet challenge and opportunities are there in every game, every at bat, and with every pitch....if you bring your A-Game with you each time.


Issues of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, empathy, communication, the quality of relationships, and personal integrity can certainly benefit from such a venture. You have my absolute commitment to work with you in your journey. My approach continues to evolve, as I continue to learn and grow. I blend cognitive-behavioral approaches and mindfulness techniques to deal with a wide variety of problem areas.


I usually ask clients to do some homework between sessions, as I believe the most important aspects of therapy are what take place in between our sessions. This may include reading, writing notes, etc.


I paint, walk regularly, am an avid opera fan, was enchanted by the movie "Midnight in Paris," and will always love Jackie Robinson for his example, courage and inspiration, and still await the return of the Brooklyn Dodgers!


I can be reached by phone at 410.730.5138. You will get my voice mail. I monitor my messages throughout every single day, and return calls promptly.